About Saizen

Saizen® (Somatropin) is a recombinant human growth hormone therapy that has been available for clinical use for more than 30 years.

It is primarily indicated for the treatment of pediatric and adult patients with growth hormone deficiency.2 Saizen acts via the activation of the growth hormone receptor, leading to downstream signaling pathways that stimulate cell growth and division, particularly in bone, muscle, and other tissues.2

The safety and efficacy of Saizen® have been extensively studied in clinical trials and based on real-world-evidence, demonstrating significant improvements in growth velocity and body composition parameters in pediatric patients, as well as improvements in body composition, bone density, and lipid profile in adults.3,4 Furthermore, long-term treatment with Saizen® has been associated with a reduced risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders in this patient population.3 Saizen® has a favorable safety profile, as referred in summary of product characteristics.2 Saizen® is available in over 50 countries around the world and has proven itself a valuable choice for physicians and their patients.

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