Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

Savings on Prescription Medication Filled Abroad

To help you save money on your prescriptions, IC Pharma can fill your prescription at our pharmacy in Mexico. IC Pharma’s Medical / Pharmacy Tourism Program allows you to fill 90-day supply of medications you are currently taking.

If you want to fill a prescription in the list below from our pharmacy in Mexico, give us a call and we will make sure your prescription is ready when you arrive.*

* Some products can be shipped overnight to your practice or patients’ home, scanned and emailed prescription required.

We include transportation to and from the border to the pharmacy in Tijuana, Mexico

Medications currently included in the PEHP Pharmacy Tourism Program**
Ampyra Humira 40mg maintenance pack
Aubagio 14mg Norditropin
Avonex Orencia
Copaxone 40mg Otezla
Enbrel 25mg, 50mg Stelara 45mg/0.5ml
Forteo Tecfidera
Gilenya Zytiga 250mg
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